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Transmission pan leak

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I have a 2000 sl 500 with 98k mi that i replaced the transmission pan gasket 8 months ago and it start leaking so i put another on yesterday and its leaking again but its only leaking on the passenger side rear. Can anyone please help


do you torque the bolts on the pan and if so what is the specific torque?
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Check the pan to be sure it is absolutely flat and there is no debris in the gasket groove. If it's been overtightened in the past it can warp. Guy in the 210 forum's got the same thing right now.

Good luck.
Are you sure it's the pan gasket? Have you ever replaced your A/T Plug Adapter p/n 1402700250 ?
That was my first thought as well (seriously, does anyone who's been around for a while not think of that when they hear the words "transmission leak" combined with "Mercedes Benz"???), but I was taking him at his word that it's coming from the passenger side rear.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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