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Transmission or Sensor problem

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Ok, my 06 e350 4matic is stuck in mountains of Arizona. I was driving home from a trip, and I started car, pulled onto road and the car barely moved. I hit the gas hard and it drove fine. About 8 miles down the road, I was driving about 40 mph. Then hit the gas and car would not speed up. Engine didn't respond to my foot on gas pedal. Then the car kicked down to first gear. I hit the gas, it stumbled for a second. Then I rolled to light, and as soon as I braked car died. Couldn't get it to start. Engine turns over and no go. Any ideas? Cam sensor?? Transducer for transmission? I had to drive down to Phoenix, and car is stuck in small town. Planning to go back in a few days and put on car dollies to get it home.
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