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Do I have to change the transmission filter when I drain the fluid on my 2012 c250 turbo. Also I could not find a video showing the draining and refilling of the oil only.
The car has 115k miles
I have had the car for less than a year now. I don’t know whether the symptoms I am having are related to transmission issues or turbo issues.
i can feel the transmission shifting smoothly for the first few gears and can not feel it thereafter. At higher speed on the highway, I feel and hear the engine getting loud while my foot on the gas and also when I take my foot off the gas get louder. The RPM stays under 2500 at 65miles. It sound like engine getting loud when not shifting and since I have not owned a turbo car before, I am not sure if this loud noise coming from the turbo or lower gear.
ps : I have a code for the turbo is under performing p0299
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