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Transmission modulator

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Does anyone know where I can purchase a transmission modulator for my 88 560 SL, it is the red one.? Can this one be repaired, currently does not hold a solid vacuum, slowly leaks down

I have tried



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found a video about it
I saw that, watched, went to his website, ordered one. They responded that they do not have the one I need.....:cautious:

link here to buy on MercedesSource looks like
I listed them, they do not have it for my year
i read this thread perhaps you can use their tips or ask how they got one

that was my original place I checked, they dont have the red one and evidently they are not interchangeable

you need this:
A 1262709079
Installation is a bit tricky. Without lifting the car high enough to stand out from under it, you won't be able to push it once the o-ring is installed.
Don't try to push the o-ring in first and then the modulator. That is what I ended up trying and ended up with a big leak.

Cheers Martin
No one has that part......back ordered and out of stock. Mercedes states it is discontinued. Ok, found one at, never used them before.....they had two!! Fingers crossed.
Again thank you for the feedback + follow up!! I hope this resolves my problem
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The modulator I received is green ( mine is red) and according to their website this will work for the car?
Wrong part, going back...I ....cannot.....find....the [email protected]&*@ (n):cautious::mad:

update.....found it here
Well, hell they called this AM and they dont have one as well...but...They did find me one and the only one that they can see in the MB stock in the USA. i AM LEAVING WORK EARLY TODAY TO DRIVE AND PICK IT UP.:mad::)
...moved the convo to the the thread about california smog...
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