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Hi all,

I have a 129.066 motor Year 1992 with a 722.353 transmission. The transmission has never been opened and have no major problems with it except with this leak of lately. I recently noticed a leak at the Converter drain area. I initially suspected the Converter seal, which I then proceeded to pulled down and replaced the Converter Seal only. After about 100 miles I noticed the leak reappeared. I then took down the transmission a second time and sent it to be over hauled at a shop as I taught the Pump seal was the problem. I asked the shop for a complete over haul with change of all seals and new K1 and K2 Bands. On re installation it ran fine and again after about a 100 mile run i noticed the leak became worse. Can anyone advise what may be the problem causing this leak, I suspect the Pump Bearing to be bad, can this be the source of my leak in that if the bearing is worn the shaft may drop causing loss of pressure and seepage via the Converter seal. Can anyone please advise, also note I also have another 129.066 with a 722.3 transmission of the same age, setup etc and i notice it has now also started to leak fluid.

Please help, much appreciated.

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Yes, it can be the front seal, bearing, and other things... Too hard to arm-chair it on your rebuild

Check out this post:

Download the MASTER.PDF(post26) attachment, and pages 7-10 may give you some troubleshooting.

Then, you could have what this poor guy has too...

722.3 Trans help - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum

On the new transmission, the leakage is usually the front seal..

I rebuilt my own Mercedes Transmissions. As long all the seals are replaced, and the critical measurements are done. The sloppy bearing is easy to spot..It is hard to say if you have a part failure, or assembly error..

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