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w126 280se 1984
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I have a w126, 280se 1982 euro, it is idling at 800 rpm when hot and around 1200 when starts cold, i have a heavy kick when using reverse gear even in hot engine . Also the gear 4 kicks-down to 3 even with mild acceleration pedal touch.
I think it should be some adjustment problem. Do some one can help me?

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1986/1990 W126
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It's a bit difficult on one of these because they aren't very common in the forum.
I don't know about the heavy reverse engagement but the eager change down could mean the Bowden cable needs adjustment. You can search for that on here - it does change the shifting but as far as I know it doesn't affect reverse.

Another adjustment point is the vacuum modulator. Are your forward gear changes very harsh, or normal?
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