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Transmission filter failure

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Hi I am having trouble with the auto in my 1997 E320 removed the filter from the auto and found that the filter paper material had fall into pieces, my car only has 1st and reverse now like in limp home but no indication on the dash, will I get fault light on the dash or do I need to hook diagnostic tool up to it.
regards G2
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Hi only bought car recently so not sure age of filter.
Hi EGS = Exhaust Gas Sensor? if so will check. I did find aprox 10mm piece of filter in valve body when I remove trans filter and I do think I only get 1st gear and reverse, if I quickly stab accelerator and release it would shift up then shift down again. I am hoping to use my Snap on Diagnostic tool on it when I get adapter cable and Key soon.
regards to all.
G2 Queensland Autralia
Cool thanks for that, next question where is it located ? Car has only 143000 kms on it inside of tranny is like new spotless, I am repainting rocker/tappet cover and replacing aircon compressor at the moment hope to test drive next month
regards G2
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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