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Transmission bump problem

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I noticed when driving my 220 CDI after some days that I don't, a bump occurs around gear shift 1-2 and 2-3. the car pushes itself and the gear transmission isn't smooth.
Continuing driving, the bump is gone on shifts after driving few minutes.
This doesn't happen on daily basis, but only when driving after some days that the car isn't on road.
I always use Sport mode, but I noticed that on Comfort as well.
Any ideas? :confused:
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There are several possibilities. it might simply be low on fluid, so check that first. Another possibility is that it could be a weak fluid pump or a problem in the valve body. If this is the 722.9 7-speed, and none of the other things are the problem, then having the TCU flashed with the latest firmware (which only the dealer can do), might help.
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