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1992 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.0
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I have a 1992 Mercedes automatic190E that I purchased here in Germany, due of my lack of knowledge I think that I have made a wrong purchasing choice. I believe the car have problems with the gas pump and transmission.

1. transmission: Every time that I switch gears it makes a clanging noise and recently when I have it on D and drive it I press the gas and the RPM goes up leaving the speed the same. I am not a mechanic but that tells me the gears are not engaging. Question, it seems that it is a transmission problem but I am looking for your advise as too what do you think that problem may be, pricing to fix the vehicle, or whether is worth going thru the hassle. I may just need to buy another car.

2. "Gas pump": My car wont start now. I turned the ignition and the car makes all starting sounds, but I does not start. By the time road assistance showed up, the had started but the road assistance guy told us that the problems was the relay. He proceeded to hit the small black box, that is inside of the engine compartment, opposite of the interior box glove. I headed home and I noticed that the signal lights were not working, so maybe it does have something to do with the relay that road assistance worked with.

Please advise..

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