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heres the story: at normal or pushed acceleration, she stars off in 1st, shifts to 2nd then almost immedidiately into 3rd and finaly into 4th at about 45MPH for normal acceleration or 55 if Im pushing it... so far so good!
the problem is that if Im booting around town, (lets say in 3rd gear) & i jump on the gas, she wont down shift

according to, the likelyest candidate is the vacuum modulator (not sure of the exact term) on the rear of the tranny.
I looked at it yesterday when she was on the hoist & what looks like the modulator has a wire going to it rather than a vaccum hose.
any suggestions?

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My car can downshift at a max of 35mph for the sedan. Wagon could go up to 40mph. I also think it's the modulator but I have no problems with my car's acceleration yet so I leave them as they are.

It's also mentioned that the last thing you should change is the modulator. Adjust everything to spec first and if it still persists, check the modulator.

As for the kickdown, check to make sure carpet isn't covering the switch. Also make sure throttle linkage is adjusted, lubed and has minimal freeplay. I also lubed the pedal bushing while I changed the bushing on the firewall, made it so much smoother.
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