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Dumd question-how do I check trans fluid level?? Thanks
Welcome. Please click user cp and edit details to add your vehicle and location to your profile, it's useful information when you're seeking assistance.

The search function is great for things that seem rather obvious and this is a question that has been raised many, many times.

The transmission does not have a conventional dipstick. Rather there is a tool (which you can find on ebay for about $25) that will allow you to check the level. Break off the locking tab, remove the cap, insert the tool; when finished remove the tool and reinstall the cap with a new locking tab. Fluid level is directly correlated to fluid temperature, so you also have to have the fluid at 80c.

You can learn lots about your transmission (including recommended maintenance as it was originally marketed as "sealed" and not requiring maintenance) by reading through the excellent 722.6xx FAQ thread that is found in the W210 forum help/diy stickies.

Good luck.
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