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As services and devices such as XM Traffic become available on more and more cars, we may even see these on our future Mercedes Benz cars.

Yesterday I had a chance to check this out online.

My son was driving back to San Diego after spending the weekend at home. As he normally does, he drove down US101 then cross over to I5 at CA152 near Gilroy, CA. He came upon a traffic jam at the US101/CA152 intersection so called and asked me to check out the situation. I first checked:

Traffic Reports and Alerts | Real Time Traffic | Road Conditions | Delays ::
This is the service behind XM Traffic but the area near Gilroy, CA is not covered within the 50 metropolitan regions that it covers. - Personalized Traffic Reports
southern Santa Clara County is not covered either.

Welcome to California
The CalTrans website didn't showed anything either.

CHP Traffic Incident Information Page
Finally the CHP website showed there was an accident on CA152 at Bloomfield Road.

So for those who are thinking to get XM Traffic type service for your car. Check to see if the area you expect to travel is covered.
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