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Trading SLK32 for this a good deal?

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Also posted to the R170 forum:

2001 Black on Black CLK55 w/6500 miles, NAV and 18:" wheels for $49,000. The car is perfect except for mild curb scrape on a front wheel.

They would take my '02 Silver/black SLK32 w/7700 miles for $43,750.

What do you guys think? Is this a good deal or am I getting hosed?

Also, a major reason for doing this is that I need a slightly more practical car in the garage and am out of space at the moment. I would have the space back in one year and it seems to me that I am better off getting out of the 32 and into the 55 with depriciation in mind. My bet is that the 55 will drop less than the 32 in the next 12 months. Also, I am betting that I can get another 32 in the mid $30's in 12-18 months.

Comments are welcome!
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