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trading in my caddy for a 06 c230

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well I put down a deposit on a 2006 C230 sport with 24,000 miles. I get to go look at it and hopefully pick up next sat if everything goes well. It is black with black leather well optioned from what i can till with 17 inch rims amg front bumper and side skirts are among some of the options. Im used to driving my 2003 CTS and wondering how the two compare. also what kinda of options are available for a touch more power out of the 2.5l.
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I love my '06 230, buy I don't know if you'll be happy after your CTS.
Adding horse to a C230 is pretty costly. The most common mods are exhaust, pulley kit and a chip. I believe the chips will run you around $400 and up. For the large amount of money you will pay, you won't get too much of a gain. Other than that, it is a fun to drive, reliable car.
great choice! i just got into an 06 C230, its a fun car to drive! you wont be dissapointed! i would just spend the 5-600 bucks and get an upsolute ECU tune or a powerchip ECU tune. the gains aren't amazing but worth the money if you have it,
Thanks for the replys. I cant wait to go pick up next sat. I think I made the right choice. It was between a 230 and A4. Also I dont need the car to be fast if I did I would have bought a cts-v but i do like some pep.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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