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94 E420
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I have them on my Miata. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for out of the tire if you will be happy with them.

In my opinion they are a good compromise tire. They don’t stick to the road like my last set of Toyo T1S’, but for an all season hi-performance tire, they perform great. They are quiet, handle decent, have a compliant ride with decent turn in for a tire of this type. They seem to do pretty good in the wet too. I ended up in the snow and ice with them once [:eek:] (I avoid the snow like the plague in this car) I was pleasantly surprised I made it home in one piece [^], they actually did pretty good! From the looks of the tires at this time, they should go 30k miles.

Would I buy them again?? Yup, unless I wanted an ultra-high performance summer tire or wanted a better snow tire. Oh, avoid the last version of this tire, I think it was the FZ4, I have heard they are awful tires.

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