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I've been using Michelin Defender tires for the past decade or so. I've been very happy with them, in terms of avoiding flat tires. When I had Kumho tires, I was getting flats all the time.

Are Defenders the best choice for puncture resistance? Are there any cheaper tires that will be equally tough? I'm paying about $130 a pop for my Defenders on Amazon. 205/65R15 for my 1990 300SEL.

I mostly travel at 20-40 mph on bad rural roads, sometimes paved and sometimes gravel, with frequent random debris and who knows what else on them. Occasional bursts of 40-60 mph on a bigger road. No ice or snow. High-speed handling and cornering performance are pretty much irrelevant. Most important is getting a flat tire sucks out in the middle of nowhere.

Thoughts appreciated.
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