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means you will have sent the key via mail? The workshop will not prove the function on the car?
No sir, not here in USA. You have to go IN PERSON to MB Dealer, and pick up later IN PERSON.

I was just saying they do expedite between the 'MB Key Cut Mfr Shop' and the local dealer. **

They want to verify your ID, ergo they need to see You, Photo ID and some offical Document naming you as owner or registered owner.

And they don't send key to you by mail.

I asked, I dont' know why but I had to drive 180 miles twice in a week to go this.

Learned on the w210.

On the w163 I just ordered 3 Valet Keys right off.

Other countries or even maybe other locations MB Dealers policy COULD vary.

Cheers - David

In our case, the MB Tyler Texas Dealer is but a short 2 hour freeway 'hop' to Dallas FtWorth, which is reportedly where these "MB Key Elves' work their magic.

So, MB owners in Texas get keys back quickly.

No need to prove the function or have car present as MB knows the code your car has they make the microchip correct to operate the 'Locking Thingy' - my highly technical term for the gizmo in dash that gives 'start authorization', and they also cut key blank correctly.

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He is absolutely positively full of shit.

You can walk lot full of ML's and every one of them will react to open door and headlight switch or hazard switch. Totally dead my ass.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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