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torsion bar bushings ad "the bellows"

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Am I the only one who has an impossible time trying to get the bellow back in above the nut that holds the torsion bar bushings in place? This is the second time I did this procedure and the first time I gave up and let them just stay lodged up in the bodywork. This time I would like to do it right be it drives me crazy.... anyone have any tips?

Thanks as usual...
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Half-fill the bellows with grease and insert the bolt. Remove any excess grease.

Take out and clean off the bolt, tuck the bellows up inside the hole with the tip in the narrow gap between metal box and floor.

Reassemble the bracket and screw the bolt in halfway. Using your fingertips wrapped around both sides of the box, fit the open end of the bellows onto the bolt. This part you have to do blind. Slide it down as far as it goes.

Tighten the bolt to spec. Check the bellows to make sure it's all the way down the bolt.

If your fingers are too fat or you give up, get a teenager to do it.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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