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torsion bar bushings ad "the bellows"

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Am I the only one who has an impossible time trying to get the bellow back in above the nut that holds the torsion bar bushings in place? This is the second time I did this procedure and the first time I gave up and let them just stay lodged up in the bodywork. This time I would like to do it right be it drives me crazy.... anyone have any tips?

Thanks as usual...
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i never thought of pulling it over the is that even possible with the bottom cover in place? I thought I could maybe squeeze it together an push up between the body and the not....of course that hasn't worked so I'll try your method...

Dr X Thanks!

I did the right side first and it was fairly easy, I couldn't believe I never thought of going through the top. Then I did the left side and because of the gas tank, could only access the bolt from one side. One thing I did which seemed to work is to hold the bellow down while tightening the bolt. I think the bellows actually screwed down on the bolt when I did that....will take off the jack stands tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for the assistance...
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Thanks Dr and Zbordas

Getting the bellows definitely made makes me feel better. Last time I did this I used white lithium grease just because it holds up well in wet applications. It may have saved the bolt, but the bearings were dry as a bone.

One extra thing to note...I did not remove the torsion bars to do this job....they can be pushed up out the way in order to remove the bottom plate.

Oh man, I hope I don't need to do that...after just putting the bearings back together. So when you did this, after removing the the torsion bar bearing plate there is now no load on the bar, and you just put it back where you marked it???

I used to race older porsche's which had short TBs running left and right. If they were ever removed it was just a guessing game to adjust them..In our class the torsion bars had to be in place, but the rules didn't say they actually had to work. So in order to mount coil overs I took mine to a machine shop that made battleship gun barrels. It took them 8 hours too grind the teeth off of one end on a lathe, then I reinstalled them...they couldn't believe it, they said they were made of magnesium. Of course they did nothing now and I could use my coil overs!!!
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