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torsion bar bushings ad "the bellows"

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Am I the only one who has an impossible time trying to get the bellow back in above the nut that holds the torsion bar bushings in place? This is the second time I did this procedure and the first time I gave up and let them just stay lodged up in the bodywork. This time I would like to do it right be it drives me crazy.... anyone have any tips?

Thanks as usual...
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You need to slide it over the end of the bolt before you tighten the bolt to its final position, like 50% or something. You need to fill it with grease before placing it back. It is a pain, very little room and you pretty much use your nails to pull it back and over the bolt. No wonder a lot of mechanics just don't put it back at all.

The missing protection will eventually cause severe enough corrosion so you won't be able to remove the bolt anymore. One of this forum's members had the privilege of fighting that battle and it does not appear to be fun at all.
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I had problems with the truck clunking at takeoff and I had to take the end off (after carefully marking the position) and lubricate the teeth. I used synthetic brake grease as it seems to hold on better to me. Just for replacing the bushings you do not have to completely remove the torsion bars.
What I meant is that I had to remove the part shown on the picture and lubricate the teeth. You need to put it back at the exact same tooth as it was originally installed. I had clunking because the teeth were dry. There is some marking on the metal but it was not obvious to me and I simply used a paint pen to mark the tooth and the housing.


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