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Torque: installing hydraulic compensating element (lifters)

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I'm a bit surprised; whether at Alldata (subscriber) or here, or any other forum, I cannot find the torque value for tightening new valve lifter/"hydraulic compensating elements" ... (p/n 116-050-04-80) ... item #2 in the attached illustration ...
Does ANYBODY know what the answer?


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Persistence (& Retired) TIME yields Alldata carefully hidden info; "Lubricate threads of new compensating element, screw in and tighten to 60 Nm .
60 newton meters (nm) = 44.25 foot pounds ... SO! The Adventure continues tomorrow, weather & Dr Fate notwithstanding ...
Thank You LuckyMike ...
I seem to be living the POR Rally ... (the legendary "Press On Regardless Rally" used to be a Lunatic Convention)!!!
Cheers, Jollies ...
Granpa T
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