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I have a '00 CLK 430 and I was at first considering 19"s and dropping the car... what does it cost in parts to do a nice drop job on a CLK 430? I had a Xtreme Blazer and did 2" in the front and 3" in the back with eibach spindles and blocks and the parts were only $300. It came with McPhearson shocks and I was told they are great shocks and since I bought the truck brand new, I was told not to replace em. Or do I get 20"s for the CLK and not drop it? 19"s seem to cost more than 20"s for some reason, I have had a set of 18"s and 2 sets of 20"s for my truck and the 19"s cost more than any rims i've had for some reason. I don't want to end up spending $4,000 or $5,000 just to get some rims on this thing, I have a crotch rocket that I ride most of the summer anyways. Sorry for such a long post, any advice, pics, opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Hey! Park Ridge here.
Eibach springs will run you about $300, same for H&R plus 40 bux for new pads and around $300 for installation. Personally I'd stay away from 20's, if you lower you'll probably have to roll your fenders. Anyways, anything for MB is gonna cost more but you can get a good set of replica staggered 19's with rubber for around $2000 brand new.
Kinda depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to slam it, you'll need to go with a cup kit, H&R springs will also give you a slightly lower stance than Eibach.

These are 19's on Eibach springs, #1Eclass pads on front and stock pads on rear:
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We are talking about the suspension spring bushings that sit atop the spring, often referred to as pads.
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