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I have a '00 CLK 430 and I was at first considering 19"s and dropping the car... what does it cost in parts to do a nice drop job on a CLK 430? I had a Xtreme Blazer and did 2" in the front and 3" in the back with eibach spindles and blocks and the parts were only $300. It came with McPhearson shocks and I was told they are great shocks and since I bought the truck brand new, I was told not to replace em. Or do I get 20"s for the CLK and not drop it? 19"s seem to cost more than 20"s for some reason, I have had a set of 18"s and 2 sets of 20"s for my truck and the 19"s cost more than any rims i've had for some reason. I don't want to end up spending $4,000 or $5,000 just to get some rims on this thing, I have a crotch rocket that I ride most of the summer anyways. Sorry for such a long post, any advice, pics, opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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I think he meant the spring pads, not brake pads. It helps lower the front a bit.
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