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from my post on the W211 forum section: Thank you all for educating me to the topside extraction. I ordered an extractor from that held 8.8 qts. I used it on Saturday and loved the ease and results. I was able to extract over the 8qt amount and then pump it ALL back into the empty jugs without any spillage. This is the method for me from now on. This one extracts and dispenses all in one.
I ended up buying a 5-gallon paint bucket with a lid that has a screw cap dispenser on it. I just pull the plug on the top of the Mityvac and pour the oil into the bucket. When the bucket is full, I take it to the local Advance Auto, unscrew the cap and pour it into their recycle vat. It's all neat and with little chance of spills if I'm just moderately careful. Between changing oil and transmisson fluids in my own MBZs, plus a few friends and family member's MBZs, I'm a "regular" at Advance Auto. They see me coming and just point to the vat in the back room.
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