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That's ridiculous isn't it. What were MB thinking? If it were mine I would want to know what the dealer said about it. Any chance it's covered under some part of the warranty?

They would wriggle out of it anyway no doubt, but still.

Any idea what it's made of? I know we've had problems with smaller sections of the roof on the smaller new models, specifically I think the section in front of their panoramic roof or sunroof? People have probably resorted to painting the section.

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Also worth checking the section for the car, I don't doubt this has happened to others.

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i have a 1990 190e and the paint still has a fantastic shine,this might be due to the amount of polish I have applied over the years,
If I was in your position I would first claybar the roof, then use a good grade polish, preferable black, polish it a number of times,
I would suggest using a buffer and some G3 but you need experience to not burn the paint. wax on wax off,should make a vast improvement.
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