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Top cycling question

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I notice when I cycle the top down on my SLK the process completes with the control switch light turning off and then IMMEDIATELY the side windows wanting to come up. Being of the mentality that riding around in a convertable with the windows up is worthy of an ass-beating, I would like to rig up my roof system so the control switch on the center console cycles the roof ONLY, not the side windows. Well, it'd be nice if I could retain the "double-pump" action to raise/lower both side windows, but I'd like to at least have the "roof down" cycle end when the roof is finally stored in the trunk and the trunk shut/latched, rather than continuing as it does trying to put the side windows up.

Among other things, this would save wear & tear on the window motors. It seems kind of silly to have the system put them down just to put them back up at the end of the cycle.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Anyone done it?
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i just wait for mine to start to come up and release the switch. if you notice the switch goes out before the windows come up meaning the roof process is finished.
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