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Hey Guys.

Saw an add for the JL Audio Cleansweep. Sounds interesting, especially with the extra aux port for direct IPOD connection. Not sure how good the equalization is on the MCS head unit, so maybe this is a waste of time for MLs....or maybe not

From the JL Audio Website:
Miramar, FL—January 7, 2005 — As automakers continue to abandon the stand-alone DIN and Double-DIN head-unit in favor of “aftermarket-unfriendly� integrated designs, JL Audio's product development team felt that a need existed for a high-quality, OEM integration solution. This product would need to deliver world-class audio results while not interfering with vehicle functionality, safety or reliability. To this end, the company embarked on a two-year project to develop CleanSweep™ —an innovative, patent-pending solution which permits almost any factory supplied integrated OEM audio system to serve as the source for a high-performance aftermarket sound system.

A particularly difficult challenge was dealing with the reality that a huge number of OEM head units now incorporate non-defeatable equalization curves aimed at correcting the response of factory speakers, as well as protecting relatively weak factory speaker systems from overload. Examples of these include bass roll-off at increasing volume settings, or severe midrange EQ to tame the response of OEM speakers. With previous integration solutions, even if an auto sound installer was able to find suitable analog audio coming out of the OEM head unit (or amplifier), the consumer could end up with severely compromised aftermarket audio due to OEM equalization (garbage in, garbage out).

With CleanSweepâ„¢, installers can take the audio outputs from almost any OEM head unit or amplifier, level-match and correct the frequency response, and deliver high-quality signals for aftermarket audio equipment. This makes virtually any vehicle a candidate for high-end sound (without costly fabrication, integration or radical surgery to the dashboard).
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