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2005 E55+Carlssion For Sale,
Featured in European Car magazine March 2005.
Auto Addicton's Mercedes-Benz E55 - A Startlingly Quick Sedan - A Startlingly Quick Sedan - European Car Magazine
There is over $140,000.00 invested in this car, between the showroom price and the full Carlssion package. This car was also the first and maybe still only US E55 with the full Carlssion upgrade.
From the factory this car had all options except for the back up light guide. The beautiful dark Everest Green Metallic paint is so unique and complements this car.
You can spend over six figures for a M-B with this much power...we're talking a four door stealth beauty with almost 600HP and almost 700lbs ft of torque.
This car is capable of speeds that very few sports cars can achieve. I recently went toe to toe with a new Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra Mustang with one other passenger and the air on and it was noooo contest!
When you combine this luxury with this much power this is truly a special car that only a true enthusiast can appreciate.
I'm asking $69,000.00 for this car and with only 15k miles I believe this is a great deal.
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