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to starkmark or not...

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Hello all, I have been a silent observer on this great forum for a while now as I amassed knowledge,learned the values/market and shopped for a used G.
I almost bought a 2000 G500 with 55k miles, but the current owner hadn't owned it very long, made vague references to the maintenance records which I never got to see and generally seemed too slippery. That was too bad because from what I read here the 2000 seems the best and most trouble free year.
I have a 2002 in my sights right now with about 44k miles from an MB dealer. To get a two year/100,000 mile starmark guarantee would add another $6,000. to the price.
This cheapskate would love to save the six grand, but am I being penny wise , but pound foolish, given all the stories about electronic parts failure, window guides breaking and handles coming off etc. ?
I could by a lot of door handles for six thousand $$$$.
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This must be a special deal you negotiated since the Starmark warranty is normally an additonal one year or 12k miles, or 100k miles total, whichever comes first. This is in addition to the standard warranty of 4 year or 50k miles.

I am only considering a Starmark model. It gives you 'like new' condition, and is backed by MBUSA, not just your dealer. Based on some of the problems some poster's have had with their G's, this is a "no brainer" to me.
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