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to starkmark or not...

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Hello all, I have been a silent observer on this great forum for a while now as I amassed knowledge,learned the values/market and shopped for a used G.
I almost bought a 2000 G500 with 55k miles, but the current owner hadn't owned it very long, made vague references to the maintenance records which I never got to see and generally seemed too slippery. That was too bad because from what I read here the 2000 seems the best and most trouble free year.
I have a 2002 in my sights right now with about 44k miles from an MB dealer. To get a two year/100,000 mile starmark guarantee would add another $6,000. to the price.
This cheapskate would love to save the six grand, but am I being penny wise , but pound foolish, given all the stories about electronic parts failure, window guides breaking and handles coming off etc. ?
I could by a lot of door handles for six thousand $$$$.
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I’ve just posted a message about a month ago:

“I was shocked when I was told that the US starmark certification and warranty prices were changed in October 2004. The $800 certification (buys another year of warranty or 100K miles) and $2600 starmark 3 additional year warranty have been changed to $1600 for the certification and $4000 for an additional 2 year warranty.

This has to be a joke…

They double the price of the certification and also almost double the price of the starmak warranty but reduced the time coverage by one third.�

If the dealer wants 6K for the 2 years he is ripping you off!!!
BTW I was told by a dealer that the $4000 could be negotiable…

You could always buy an extended warranty from a 3rd party at the MB dealer too (much cheaper, but no airbags coverage).
Good Luck
The Analyst
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