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To re-map or chip............

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Hi Guys,

I', sure it's been done to death but I would really appreciate some sound, experienced advice!

Vito 115 CDI needing an adrenalin hit (oh, and better economy...:rolleyes:) re-map or chip?

I've been looking at a re-map but now think a simple plug in might be equally as good? Had a look on line and have come across TDI tuning who appear to have a good plug-in unit offering reasonable gains and economy. What are the pitfalls with plug-ins when similar priced generic re-maps can be supplied by sharks....


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remember, most insurers class this as "modifying" and will load the premium........ if they find it, undeclared, after an accident they can refuse to pay up (happened earlier this year to my son....... his ONLY mod)

I found that writing to tell them and pressing that its for Economy reasons, often gets an ok and no surcharge (they can deny a phone call)

An add on or remap (I went add-on) can really improve economy.... I got extra 15% mpg........... the extra oomph is a welcome bonus and NOT the reason I got it....... Honest officer
the vehicle it was put in was a neighbours and he went to a tuning centre in chester.

from what the guys there said similar results can be achieved by most re-chipping or re-mapping / re-tuning centres.

it must be remembered that the mpg boost is acieved by gentle acceleration and being able to change-up the gears earlier because the greater bhp allows slower driving in higher gear.......... there is no massive fuel increase until you get to 50/55mph when fuel consumption starts increasing as speed increases (due to air resistance /drag)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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