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Hey guys, I refer to this forum as I need help.

Tomorrow I will looking into buying a Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG 2014 but there is many pros and cons.

Currently for daily driver I own a Audi A3 2017 (1,0 TFSI 116hk, yea you can guess the struggle when you try to overtake someone in the roads, its literally dangerous with a Tuk-Tuk engine compared to the A45)
But I like the car although it's not a MB, still I need to replace it due to changes at work with bigger payment but way longer distance to travel. The Audi will overrun the limited Mile/Km per year since its a leasecar/rentalcar.

I am thinking about buying a A class and saw a huge oppertunity when I came a across a A45 Amg with 108.000Km/67 108 miles on it and firstly I thought that its way too much. But the Owner has a S65 Amg and a G63 for his wife if im not wrong so he just want to get rid of this. The price is 30 000 USD, 1 owner, service always made at offical MB workshops and the other A45 starts at 37000-40000 USD here where I live and that is really too heavy for me.

Question: Is it worth? My dreamcar indeed and I should go for a low milage A220 or try to find a A250 instead but what would you do? What is the next big thing in expenses that will brake due to the high mileage? Any things to look for that is known issues with the car? Example: (Oil Leaks at suspension, water in the trunk etc. Referring to known issues with the SL500 R230)

Thanks for taking the time and reading this!

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