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Tires wearing out on one side

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On my 1997 E320, that I bought used 2 months ago with 151K on it, I have been having problems with it. Problems like the dash not working sometimes, the shocks making noise, transmission jumping when breaking, and a couple of others, but now I have another problem.

When I bought the car, the guy had relatively new cheapo Sunny tires on it and they had no problems with it, other than a nail in one which I had to put a plug in. Now after two months of driving and a bit more than a thousand miles put on the car, the tires are being worn down on one side more than the other.

I have attached pictures showing how the inside (right) of the tire is being worn down more than the outside (left) of the tire. What's the problem?


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Looks like an alignment problem to me. Or worn suspension components. Take it to a shop to get both checked.
Listen to TexFinn's advice.
It's most likely not the cheapo tires themselves. There's a reason the PO was running cheapo tires. The PO may have been too cheapo to properly maintain the car, including its wheel alignment & suspension components. Possibly also too cheapo to properly maintain the transmission. Verify transmission fluid level, condition & when last replaced. Then check if tranny is covered with years of gunk. Heat-related issues, Modulator and/or wiring connections could be voicing their displeasure.

The car has 151K miles. If these systems haven't been maintained, they are probably all due. Get it inspected by someone who knows Benz.
Premature Tire Wear

Hopefully you know a person or tire shop that you can trust. Have them put the car up & inspect the steering components (particularly the tie rods) for wear or damage. You can first do a self-check by getting the front tires up off the ground. Firmly grasp the top & bottom of the tire & try to wiggle it. Do the same from both sides of the tire. If there is a noticeable degree of movement (listen for noises too) the tie rods (at least) are most likely worn & in need of attention.

If you are budgeting, seek the alignment first (this will save your premature tire wear). Then address the shocks & mountings when you can. You'll be able to enjoy the car's engineered abilities much more when these key systems are up to snuff. Afterwards make sure you regularly rotate your tires too. Best Wishes!

BTW, The son of a friend has recently gone thru a couple sets of Walmart front tires (the most recent had the cords showing within 2 weeks). Walmart rightly refuses to honor the warranty because his car severly requires a front end alignment, which he has so far refused to have done. I think he rides the car a bit hard & has probably kissed a few curbs or ditches to cause this situation.
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