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Tires wearing out on one side

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On my 1997 E320, that I bought used 2 months ago with 151K on it, I have been having problems with it. Problems like the dash not working sometimes, the shocks making noise, transmission jumping when breaking, and a couple of others, but now I have another problem.

When I bought the car, the guy had relatively new cheapo Sunny tires on it and they had no problems with it, other than a nail in one which I had to put a plug in. Now after two months of driving and a bit more than a thousand miles put on the car, the tires are being worn down on one side more than the other.

I have attached pictures showing how the inside (right) of the tire is being worn down more than the outside (left) of the tire. What's the problem?


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Der Furor

I'm not really getting that screen name and pic. What's that about? -T
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