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I'm looking to replace the Continental 4x4s on my ML350...any recommendations?

The ones that I'm leaning towards are:
1. Hankook Ventus AS
2. Toyo Versado CUV
3. Bridgestone Dueler 400
4. Firestone Destination ST

Anyone have any experience with any of these?

Thanks in advance

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Mid 2002 saw the arrival of the ML350 as W163.

Melissa, what region are you in? From that list you posted I would look into the Duelers
if snow is involved. Then the Toyos. No on the Hankooks due to load ratings and poor wet
The Firestones are Bridgestones with a different tread and name brand on them.
There is a very good tire for the money in the Cooper line or the General HTS.
What size are you looking for? There are some good 4 tire deals out there.

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Got some wheels from ebay, with the intention of running them for winter rather than my 275 55 17s.
Silly i know but i assumed they would be 225s but came with grandtrek 215 70 R16s. I know these are different to my 275 55 17s and will affect speedometer.
The wheels are A16340010102. Can i fit 225s to this rim and what is the max width of tyre for these wheels. Offset is 47. Tried tyre calculator web sites with mixed results.
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