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I'll tell you a little story my local MBCA Section heard from a dealer service manager years ago.

They had a problem car, a W140 S500.

And at precisely the same speed, some 60+ mph, the cruise control would cut out.

Every time.


They tore the car apart and asked around - nothing.

They finally came to the answer.

The owner had bought a new Michelin tire in the appropriate same size, made in the US and the other 3 tires were the same Michelins, same size, made in Europe.

The new tire was on the rear axle and its circumference was just a mm or so different from the adjoining Michelin on the other side.

And what that was doing was confusing the computer with different rotation speeds on each side of the axle, until it programmatically "threw up its hands" and gave up. Could have been tire wear on the other side, I didn't ask him. Didn't ask him which side was smaller.

Point is among different makes and even different molds, you won't get identical dimensions at times.
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