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I have noticed a mild vibration in my 2000 E320 4Matic with 7000mi. I bought it recently and the previous owner had the tires balanced at about 3000mi for the same reason. It feels like a flat spot in a tire (but does not improve when the tire heats up) and I can reproduce it at several speeds, the most common and convenient of which is 37mph. I have swapped the spare on each tire location and it resolves somewhat when the spare is placed on the left rear. My theories are a slipped belt, bad rim, out of round tire. How can this be checked. Naturally, I will have the tires balanced again but if that does not do the trick, does anyone have any other theories or trouble shooting advice? Also, what is the max weight that can be put on a tire before it is considered 'bad?' Do 4Matics do this?<br><br>
I am new to this group (this is only my second posting) and have enjoyed reading the various forums. Thank you for your responses.<br><br>
Best regards,<br><br>
Boston, MA<p>
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