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Tire recomendations

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I need to replace the tires on my C230SS

I was thinking Pirelli P-zeros... too much tire?

And what do the letters in the speed rating mean?
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I like the Micheline Pilot Sport 2 better.
But the P-Zeros are neat too.
hoopsmx - 2/28/2005 11:38 AM

I like the Micheline Pilot Sport 2 better.
But the P-Zeros are neat too.
Arent those the stock tires?
If you go to the tire and wheel forum, [email protected] has posted a link to several articles about tires. They will answer your questions about speed ratings and other markings on tires.
P-Zero's I had were great as long as you don't drive them on imperfect surfaces or grooved roadways. The tires tramlined (followed the imperfections or grooves making the car shake side to side like a railcar) really bad. At the same time I returned my tires so did someone with a WRX for the same reason. Pirelli was very nice about taking them back. I use Pirellis on my wife's CR-V every 20K miles or so. I then got Bridgestone Potenza RE750s and they were great all around, quiet, smooth, good handling (but not as good as the Pirelli's) and long threadware rating.
I just put the P-Zero Nero's on my C320. I love them, VERY quiet tire. In my opinion they corner better. And i tend to favor them in the snow. I had Pilots on it before. Pilots are great tires... I just prefer the Pirelli's
what about Nitto NT 555 OR Toyo Proxes 4 are the any good?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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