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2006 CLK500
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I am looking for some really good winter tires and through reading all the tests on tirerack and consumer reports and the problem is that none of the tires I would like to buy are the right size.
My QUESTION is: If my car is supposed to have 225/45/17s, can I put 235/45/17s on and have them fit ok?
I did the match on how much of a difference in size it is below.
225mm times .45 equals 101.25 millimeters, or 10.12 Centimeters

the 235s work out like this

235mm times .45 equals 105.75 millimeters, or 10.57 Centimeters.

So the difference in height off of the rim is 4.5 millimeters, .45 cm.

What do you think?
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