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1982 300SD
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vehicle = 1983 300SD, US Spec, purchased by me ~ 2 months back with unknown history.

Since I didn't know the maintenance history on the car, I ordered up the timing chain kit from and got some other bits. Figured I'd replace the timing chain, tensioner, adjust the valves, fuel filters, glow plugs etc. All basically just as preventative maintenance and also as a way to get more familiar with the car.

There is a great writeup for the process on the diesel giant website. There were a few surprises though.

As soon as the valve cover was off I noticed the aluminum first generation timing chain guide had previously been replaced with the second generation plastic one (big disapointment to me). Somebody had definitely been in there. The guide didn't seem to have too much wear, but since I was in there I figured I'd go ahead and replace everything I'd planning on doing. Everything went relatively smoothly. Did skip a tooth, so had to peal back the new chain, rotate and pull back in. Next little surprises included the fact that diesel giant did not include a master link in my package and the new flats that were included had to be champhered a bit even while using the press tool.

The next surprise was the hollow pin that is in the guide rail. While the bolt came out ok, I was surprised to see a hollow pin. I haven't seen mention of this pin in any of the writeups I've seen to date. Getting the pin out wasn't so easy since it had apparently been mashed in at some point. So the pin was tapped 1/4-20 and a homemade pull tool was made with a bolt, two nuts and some washers. After the pin came out the rest of the assembly went smooth.

Moving on to the vavle adjustments - let me just say whoever dreamed up using 2 nuts for this must have had crack with their wheaties that day. Got it done, along with all the other tidbits though and the car runs great.
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