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Hello all,
New to the forum, been drilling down through the sticky's and past posts for a while to educate myself about my new to me car (99 e300 turbo diesel) it has currently 139,000 plus miles and runs very well, and is in really good condition as far as body and interior.

It has some of the usual suspects going on such as front sway bar links that make themselves known by thunking and rattling around under there (parts on the way) a bit of a buzz noise in the shifter area during moderate acceleration most likely due to the bushing I've read about, also had the pleasure of two lug bolts that broke off leaving the rest of the bolt in there, interesting design. I drilled them out and replaced them, not a bad job really, took about an hour to get them out. I checked the spring perches while in there and they look to be problem/rust free, fingers crossed.

Drivers side mirror glass is failing so am replacing both with euro heated split mirrors no auto dimming. Everything works as it is supposed to at the moment subject to change without notice I'm sure.

Anyway, I have noticed that during warm up the timing chain is noisy right under the oil fill cap, it quiets down once the engine is warm, is this normal for this engine or do I need to look into chain guides and tensioners? Thanks in advance for information on this.

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