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1966 250SE Cab, 1989 500SEL euro
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One of my AMGs has to go and the 500SL 5-speed is just too good to part with. So, I'm offering my w124 AMG for sale. Most of you know about this car; well, here's a bunch of pictures and history that fufills the whole story for those that are curious. I'd like it to go to a good home, but if I can't sell it, I'll move it to my father-in-law's nine car garage and drive it sparingly; I can always sell the 64k-mile w123 300D, but the nice thing about the w123 is that it doesn't need the garage space that the w124 does (the w123 doesn't fly as well, though).

The AMG is currently in the best shape since it was new, so maybe now is the best time to let it go. It's documented, has low miles, looks great, drives great, and hauls absolute butt while doing it. See here for more info:

1987 300E 3.2 AMG
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