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Morning All,

First time poster...long time lurker on these boards. I need some advice regarding my C220 CDi 2002.

Yesterday on the way home from work I noticed a slight burning smell almost like rubber burning. This started happening about 5 mins before i got home so i didnt think anything else much of it.

This morning however i started the car ready to go to work and noticed that the engine seemed to be "chugging" at low revs. It was then i noticed some smoke coming through the central air vents in teh car and also through the air vents at the top of the bonnet.

Lifting the bonnet revealed that there is smoke (greyish) coming from the back of the engine which seems to get thicker when I press the accelarator. Switching the engine off and the smoke stops.

As i was running late for Work I used the missus car to get to work and now am wondering what horrors await me when I get back to the car this eve.

I dont know if its related but the wipers appear also to have stopped working this morning?

Any ideas?
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