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All, I don't drive my SL55 much, I bought it in 2014 with 63000 miles and I've yet to hit 68000 miles in it after more than 5 years. I took it out last night for a quick blast before I do the annual inspection. It might have been the second time I drove it this year and I noticed a couple of things, that lead to some questions.

1) On a fast road, the ABC warning light would come for a couple of seconds (max 5 seconds) as I go over a dip. I'm assuming the accumulators are shot. How many are there? 3 or 4?.

I've done this job on my S55 but it's a while since. Do I need to worry about ABC hoses failing?

2) Trunk requires a solid slam to close. I assume that it's the vacuum solenoid for the soft close, correct?

3) I might as well do a full fluid change including a coolant flush. Is there anything I need to worry about in doing this job?

As I've hardly driven this car, the only thing it's had done was oil changes and a supercharger pulley and belt during my ownership so I'm wondering what else I need to watch out for.
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