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tie rod question...size different on each side

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yesterday i put the car on the lift and when i begin to change my tie rods i notice on one side (outer) of the tie rods the bolt and insert screw part is bigger. the new ones i purchased are the same on both side so it wouldnt fit properly on the knuckle so today i plan going back to the dealership to return the tie rods. am i missing something here??? should i request a different part. i have an 82 300cd.
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i think what kraut22 said is correct. one side of the tie rod is 14 the other 16. went back to the dealership yesterday to return the tie rods and we search and possibly found the correct ones but they want to charge me $200 a piece and thats at cost (family discount). i decided to hold off and i ordered some aftermarts from p.products for $20 each and im just gonna mess around with those. but the real problem was my lower control arm bushings were real bad and thats what was making my tires wear from the inside. i just wanted to change the tie rods while i was there. thanks for your help
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