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Tie rod ends & Ball Joints

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I just had my 99ML serviced today and they told me that my car is dangerous at the moment because my outer tie rod ends are loose. They can fix them but for a hefty price.
Also my rear lower ball joints are loose, my question is how hard is it to replace these yourself. The price for parts aren't that bad but the labor is killer. I have mechanics in my family that would be willing to help me as long as it's not too complicated of a task.
Any comments are very welcome.
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Honestly I'm not feeling anything wrong with the car but the mechanics are telling me that they are very loose and could go at any time. I don't have a press so I am thinking this may also be an issue as for me repairing it myself.

I am wondering if anyone has a link to a step by step on the process.
Thanks again.
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