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Hi all:

I am trying to troubleshoot an idle issue and would appreciate any assistance on TVS testing and adjustment.

According to the TVS test, pins 1 and 2 should indicate continuity when the throttle is completely closed and then should indicate infinity (open circuit) once AND after the throttle opens past .008".
I need clarification as to where idle is according to the .008 mark. That is, does the throttle remain closed when the car is off and then open past .008" once the car is turned on? Meaning the I should have a closed switch when the engine is off and an open switch once the car is turned on.

What I am experiencing now is that the switch is closed when the car is off, closed when the car is at idle, and then opens once I accelerate a little.

If the case is that it should be open at idle and beyond (accelerating), then I would have to either adjust the switch or replace it.

The instructions state that to adjust, you loosen TVS adjustment screws and adjust to get the proper reading. Are these screws the two screws that hold it on? Is there play in the holes where the two screws go in for this?

Thanks in advance here.
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