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1989 190e Cosworth, 1990 BMW 325iS
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What's up, Benzworlders!

To celebrate the independence day of the greatest country in the world...'Murica, I am running a red, white, and blue wheel extravaganza the entire month of July, fueled by bald eagles and mountain dew! Any and all wheels that represent the flag colors of this wonderful nation will be DRASTICALLY reduced! Show your patriotism by spending some of that government cheese and purchasing a set!

This 'Murican Independence Day sale applies to all of our favorite wheel brands!
-Volks Racing
-Grams lights
-and many more! Basically if it comes in red, white or blue, I am giving discounts.

For questions on forum member ordering, pricing, technical specs and availability, send me a PM via the forum or email me at [email protected]


[email protected]

800-959-0145 x 103
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