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this morning my driver side headlight was half bright only,

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there is a yellow light on the dashboard coming on. i have not had a chance to look at my manual but if somebody has had this happen before let me know what causes one headlight be only half bright.


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I had this exact same problem with my 97 SL500. What I noticed was the connecting socket even though pluged in needed to be pushed in a bit further. I just applied preasure and the light brightened up again. This happend multiple time so what I did was take one of my wifes dental files and pushed it into the light socket(believe me the power was off) and did a light sanding. This seemed to clean the contacts and it never had the problem again. I know you may not have access to a dental file so you may be able to find something else to use. Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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