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'02 E320 4-matic Wagon
We have 3 kids, 4.5 years old and under in car seats in the 2nd row. We are expecting a 4th soon and are reluctant to minivan it. Tried the Honda Odyssey, but it's not a Merc. Feels less solid, doesn't handle.
We have had trouble getting specs on the third row seat from Mercedes, regarding crash data and minimum weight. There is a maximum weight and height.

Question - Has anyone driven with an under 5 year old in the third row seat, regularly?
Does anyone know of crash data relating to injury and fatality for third row seat occupants?

We have the mercedes toddler seat with babysmart, but I am reluctant to put it in the front as my gut tells me 3rd row is safer than passenger w/o airbag for kids.

Thanks for any feedback.
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